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Thursday, October 16, 2014 /

Tinashe  Pretend ft. A$AP ROCKY
I love, love this girl. All her music and her album have been on repeat for me. You know what's annoying though? Is it me or do all the perfect heartbroken songs come out when you're happy with someone and all the happy with someone songs come out when you're heartbroken.. Is that just me?

Either way I love this song and her style. I recently bought some oversized hoop earrings which I'm hoping are making a comeback this winter, they'll look too cute with buns or beanies.


After a long, crazy, summer I promise I am back. I've been crazy stressed over my hair lately, sadly my last post was obviously about my journey so now that it's winding down I'll share what I've learned.

First off, I'm a natural blonde.. something like this:
Kind of a random picture, but this was about two days before I started messing around with my hair. The first thing most people ask is WHY. Well, I wanted to. That's about it. That's my explanation.
So I went to my salon (Sam Brocato) and they died my hair purple after a very very light bleaching process. It faded fast, I had to wear hats to hide it from the sun, I tried to re-dye it constantly, eventually I used a darker more indigo dye and left it like that for a while. (My purple process is seen in the post prior) So there I was with purpley-indigo-maybe blonde hair for about a month. I honestly loved it. It was very.. mermaid. Then I got bored. So I went to Ricky's and bought a light bleach and bleached my hair and tried a new color called Mermaid Tears by Manic Panic. This is what I got. It started fading and I added a new color to it called Bad Boy Blue by Manic Panic, which honestly did not come out blue. It looked basically similar, just brighter.
Honestly, after all of the maintenance I was and still am done with colored hair for good. Well, probably not but for now I am. So Tuesday I went back to my salon hoping to be blonde again. (Boys obviously find hair process astonishing ie. this picture down there) Well honestly, they had to bleach the daylight out of my hair only for the blue/green/lord knows what else to not even completely leave my hair. I mean literally with the strongest bleach at 40 minutes I still had that damn green in my hair. So there I was defeated, tired, bored, with weird platinum/sea foam hair. So my only logical option was to let my hair be tinted a little more blue to create a grayish hue, thus washing out further naturally until my hair could hopefully be re-dyed blonde. Who knows what'll happen at this point.

Here's my hair right now (don't mind my puffy allergy eyes/face).
It's not my blonde, sadly, hopefully I can go back someday.

What have I learned?
It's just hair. You will be beautiful, confident, flawless with any hair color. If you are willing to take on the damage of dying- Go for it. If you don't like it, dye it another color, get extensions, do whatever. It really is just hair.
While going through all these bleaching processes, I used little to no heat on my hair and that saved me. My hair is in all honestly not that damaged, make sure to space out when you bleach your hair. I mean, wait three months at least. Let your hair breath.
DO NOT SLEEP WITH HAIR TIES IF YOU BLEACHED YOUR HAIR! It will literally just break off. Use fabric covered scrunchies. 
Use minimal hairspray/gel/product unless it is a natural oil of some form such as Jojoba Oil or Coconut Oil.

Although this product is not natural- it saved me: 
OMG! If you try any conditioner, try this. L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm. It made my hair feel like friction' silk after one use. I got a free sample at Fashion Week last year and used it occasionally because it made my natural hair a little heavy if I used it too much, but now that my hair has been through hoops I use this deep conditioner almost every wash. It literally has saved my hair from myself.

All and all, I'm sad that I don't have that natural thick blonde hair at the moment because I miss it, but it'll be back. I've really had fun on my journey and I'll have some awesome pictures to show my future kids. If you're thinking of dying your hair some crazy color, just know what you're getting into and know you will spend 25% of everyday thinking about your hair and keeping up with it.
But it's definitely worth it.

Friday, July 25, 2014 /

I had to re-dye my hair yesterday because the color fades out so fast. It's not even just from washing it, but the sun is a huge contributor to the fade. I guess I'll start off my whole journey so you can understand, well... My hair is naturally blonde. Not that I haven't lightened it at all ever, but I haven't for years. I wanted lavender, however my hair is thin so out of fear of bleach burning my entire head off my hairstylist only bleached sections to achieve purple. This is the color it was when we first dyed it, hoping that it would fade to lavender.

It was really really purple, not that I didn't like it but it wasn't what I wanted exactly. So then it started to fade and I liked it a whole lot more. It looked something like this. The only issue with it fading was that it wasn't fading evenly at all because only certain parts were bleached and it was fading to an orange-y tone because of my natural blonde. After a few days of it fading it drove me crazy, to say the least.
I took matters into my own hands, not wanting to go to the salon and pay yet again for color that I knew was going to fade in a week. Nothing about my salon because I'm in love with that place, however any color esspecialy a bright is going to fade and fast.
I bought this leave in conditioner which was basically exactly the color that I had originally wanted my hair.
After dying my hair with that Unique Freak in Lilac stuff, my hair looked like this. This picture isn't the best it was definitely more lilac-y. It was really cute. But it faded super fast as well. It looked like this after three days.

This was where I was yesterday. I had done that Unique Freak color twice, deciding if I wanted to do it again or go all out and dye it darker. So I rolled the dye-ce. Ha ha ha. Sorry. This was the kit I got for myself. 

Mixing bowl, color, comb, WHITE conditioner, and a clip to separate it all. I added conditioner to the hair dye to make it more manageable and a little bit diluted, hoping it would end up being pastel. 

I start using this color and I'm like why is it so blue. Then I decided to do a test strip on my hair... I did entirely too much (just the streak first then I did the bottom). I was so confused. Like, why is this blue? How is it not purple? I let it sit for a while hoping it would turn into the dark purple I thought it was going to be but it never did. I then said just screw it, this is the color I chose I'm just going to to go with it. I immediately regretted my decision when my entire head was covered with the dye and I really thought my hair was going to be bright bright blue. I swore I was going to have hair the color of that crayon that looks dark blue but when you color with it it's bright bright blue.

After all of that little panic, my hair came out amazing. It was the right color, a little more indigo. But that was perfect because I do not want that orange-y tone at all.

If you want colored hair, here is my advice. I'm still learning about it because, it can be completely unpredictable. But,
  • Be aware and prepared for the fact that it is going to fade. Every time I wash my hair I have to put some sore of color into it.
  • You cannot wash your hair as ofter as you're used to. I usually wash my hair about every 3 days in the summer, now it's about every week. Dry shampoo and baby powder has become my best friend.
  • You have to bleach your hair, be ready for the damage, keep in mind you might have to cut your hair short when you're off your color trip. I am preparing myself for this as well.
  • Do NOT go out in the sun for a long time with your hair showing. Invest in hats, scarves, anything to cover your hair.
That's all I can think of right now. It's been a fun journey. If anyone is thinking of doing something crazy to their hair my personal advice is to do it, it's just hair and it's going to grow back. I held back on changing my hair for years but, it really is just hair.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 /

I just got finished with looking at my monthly supply of magazines, I've been having issues finding my 'inspiration' lately. I feel like I wake up wanting to dress a little different everyday, which isn't an issue. I had a said signature style for so long that now, as I explore, I'm just like "where do I want to go with all of this?" But I guess before I have an existential crisis about my fashion, I'll start with the things I'm really into right now. So, here is
A List of Things I'm Really Into

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2014

Rihanna is known for her pearls, and I love it. When it came to jewelry, I used to be strictly silver. Then I was obsessed with gold, and then I started mixing it all which was always some kind of taboo for me. Well now, I'm adding pearls to that combination.
A classic string is awesome, and is so cute mixed up with a grungier outfit. There's some new ways that pearls are coming into stores though like this choker and hand chain,
Forever 21


Bucket Hats

From what I have gathered on social media and in person, a lot of boys hate this trend for females. Probably because it's a "masculine" style that we adopted and look a million times better in. So, I could really care less about how many people are against it. I think bucket hats look insanely cute on girls, they keep the sun out of your eyes, and for me (and my purple hair) it protects hair from the sun so the color doesn't wash out as fast.
My advise is always go for a bucket hat, why not, it can really be added onto any outfit and there's so many options right now.

All from Urban

Patch Work

I'm still trying to figure out what piece to buy to incorporate this trend, I first saw it in the winter but I guess it's going to make it's real "statement" in the fall. Maybe I'll make it into a DIY project. Hmmm..

Pixie, Pixie, Nasty

These are the trends that have been on my mind lately, I'm sure I'll be posting some more every week. But I love this, it's great to have a little place to organize my fashion thoughts because everyone knows waking up in the morning and picking out that outfit is a mission. Having a good place to start is always helpful in gaining direction.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014 /


I've had a long long long day so far. Well, I woke up at 7AM to go see 5 Seconds of Summer. They were, well Luke was, beautiful. And the line outside was insane, I mean just to get a glimpse of them. People are so dedicated to the things they love, it's so awesome. I really enjoyed myself they seemed cool, like they really love frozen pizza as much as I do cool. Like, I wish I was from Australia and could have grown up with them (and surf). Afterwards I came to my friends house and we hung out for a few and I was able to tan, something I haven't quite gotten enough of since I came back from Puerto Rico.

It was a little sunny outside, a little, so don't mind my face

TOP: Forever 21

SKIRT: American Apparel

SHOES: Vans (from Urban Outfitters) 

NECKLACE: Urban Outfitters

Monday, July 21, 2014 /

I don't get why everyone is still so stressed over Mondays when it's summer and the weathers perfect and you can do things like go to Soho with your friends. So, that's what I did. Today I went to this pop up shop with my friend Talisha, it was for a brand called "Odd Sox". Pretty cool, my favorite were the Kanye socks. Duh.

DRESS: Topshop


SHOES: Dolce Vita

BAG: Vintage

WATCH: Burberry

NECKLACE: Urban Outfitters

Tip: I loved the cut of this dress, very loose fitting and perfect for the city heat. However, it moved around a lot due to the ruffle at the bottom. I wore a pair of black biker shorts from American Apparel under, the dress was 100% more comfortable for me since I had nothing to worry about. No slips and whatnot, you know?

Well, I got Uptown pretty early and didn't want to go home so I walked around my neighborhood for a few and I saw these. They made my entire day. I guess this is a little random but, I think it's really easy to lose site of what's important. I know that seems very cliche to say. However, being fresh out of college I'm constantly being told that I have to face the real world now, get a real job. Somehow, that's synonimous with dropping all your hopes and dreams for the 'love' of money. Money just isn't always the most important thing. I'm trying to understand that doing something you love is an million times more important than making money. I don't think there's anything wrong with allowing the littlest things to make you purely happy even if people think it's dumb, and allowing your mind to create opportunities for you based off of that. Maybe you don't know what career path is perfect for you, but I don't know you really love socks. That's a starting point. I mean, happiness can pave the way. Anyways, that's where my mind is at tonight. That's all.


Monday, June 30, 2014 /

Yes, the return of how awkward I am while taking pictures. I swear one day I'll get used to it, just not today. Well this is what I wore to work today. I have to wear a uniform (womp) so I always wear something that's comfortable and easy to change out of.

Top: Dimepiece
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: KDB
Watch: Burberry
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Random, but I've fallen in love with this shoe brand. I need to look into it more, I found them at Urban Outfitters.. obviously I need to stop giving them all my money but I can't help it. Back to the shoes: they are so so comfortable. I'm happy that these bulky sandals are "in" because my feet can finally flourish all summer.